Hello everyone!

Hope you had a nice weekend.

Last week we had a lesson about festivals, revised vocabulary and practiced speaking. Your homework for Monday ( 30.04.18) is to write and article about a festival that you like.

On Monday we will continue with listening: FCE trainer, Test 5: pg 157-158, listening part 1 and 2.

vocabulary: places to live, houses and parts of a house. ( http://www.englishrevealed.co.uk/FCE/fce_vocabulary2/house_and_home_1.php)

writing: write a letter to your friend , presenting the types of houses you can find around Valencia, and the ones you prefer.

Wednesday: we will finish the listening test 5: pg 159-160 part 2 and 3.

vocabulary: furniture and fittings ( two short texts with gap fill exercise)

Plan a perfect house and present it to the class.

Writing: write a story: pg 156/ 2

See you in class!