Class one:

Today we will:

  • Learn vocabulary related to jobs and the working world
  • Discuss questions to put this new vocabulary into use
  • Complete the listening part 3 exam task on page 141

Homework: Exam task page 148

Class two:

Today we will focus on part 2 of the use of English exam and part 2 of the speaking exam.

Students will:

  • Complete open/cloze sentences which are useful phrases for comparing and contrasting in part 2 of the speaking exam.
  • Complete a timed part 2 exam task from the use of English paper and check answers.
  • Use the speaking part 2 phrases to compare and contrast photographs in speaking part 2 exam practice.


  1. Complete Part 2 exam practice on page 147
  2. Writing exercise- question 3 on page 157