Class one:

Today we will:

  • Review the vocabulary related to clothes and fashion on page 54.
  • Complete the listening part 3 exam task on page 54.
  • Complete open/cloze sentences which are useful phrases for comparing and contrasting in part 2 of the speaking exam.
  • Use the speaking part 2 phrases to compare and contrast photographs in speaking part 2 exam practice.

Homework: Page 58-59 exam task

Class two:

Today we will look at part 1 of the speaking exam and verbs + ing / verbs + infinitive. Students will:

  • Complete exercises 1 and 2 on page 55
  • Categorise the verbs in exercise 3 on page 55
  • Answer questions in the exam task
  • Play a board game in which students ask each other questions that might come up in parts 1 and 4 of the speaking exam

Homework: Page 55 exercise 4