Today we will focus on part 2 of the use of English exam and part 2 of the speaking exam.

Students will:

  • Complete open/cloze sentences which are useful phrases for comparing and contrasting in part 2 of the speaking exam.
  • Complete a timed part 2 exam task from the use of English paper and check answers.
  • Use the speaking part 2 phrases to compare and contrast photographs in speaking part 2 exam practice.


  1. Complete Part 2 exam practice (photocopy handed out in class)

Class two: Going Viral

Today we will:

  • Discuss how videos go viral and why this even matters.
  • We will watch the following TED Talk about the topic, and answer questions about the talk and specific videos that have gone viral.
  • We will then move onto social media sites in general and their positive and negative aspects. Students will read an article about Facebook and the usage of this site and discuss questions in pairs.


Page 90 exam task