Hello everyone!

This week we will focus on workbook activities.last week we listened to the story of Unit 6: Wonderful world so on Tuesday we will focus on the story.

On Thursday we will focus on vocabulary and writing, so we will: 

Build phrases in English using the vocabulary and grammar of the topic. 
. Understand texts in English about different elements of a landscape. 
. Write sentences comparing two places. 
. Write and pronounce numbers correctly with thousands. 
. Describe what people are wearing. 

Vocabulary of the unit
. Mountain, island, river, ocean, sea, desert, volcano, forest, lake.
. Cold, cloudy, sunny, hot, snowy, windy, dry, noisy, quiet, clean, big, tall, small, wide, deep, long. 
 . Review: Clothes 

Grammar of the unit.
Comparison of superiority: Scotland is bigger than Wales. 
. Review: What is she wearing? She’s wearing …

See you in class!