In class one we are going to look at volunteering, why people volunteer and whether it really is beneficial or not. We will focus on one company in particular, and how their charitable work may have more negative consequences for the local communities than benefits. We will then debate how effective voluntourism is and how change can be brought about.

Homework: Exercise 5 page 16, Exam task page 16-17

Class two:

Continuing on from last class’s theme, we are going to talk about how to combat poverty. This will include practice of part 3 of the speaking exam. We will also watch a short video about the changes in global poverty. Next we will look at the exam task on page 14, and how to complete writing part 1 (an essay). This will involve structuring the writing, including the introduction and main paragraphs (see pdf below). We will also look at some vocabulary related to this topic which we can use in our essays.


Complete writing exam task on page 15