Hi everyone!

This week we will start to use the books and talk about some formatting about the exam.  Some things we’ll do in class on Friday are the following:

  • Completed SB p. 10 – 13 READING & USE OF ENGLISH
  • Completed SB p. 50-52 LISTENING
  • Complete SB p. 34-36 WRITING

Homework: Complete SB p. 10-13 USE OF ENGLISH, SB p. 24 – 27 READING PART 5, and write an ESSAY (based on the exam formatting specifications seen in your book.

The topic: There is no future for public transport, because traveling by car is so much more convenient (topic comes from https://writeandimprove.com/).  Make sure you have 3 body paragraphs plus intro & conclusion.

Hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll see you October 19th for class!