Class 1

During the first 10-15 minutes we will go over the new prepositions learned the week before on page 10 and 11 and the connectors on page 16 and 17

Page 19/20- Use of english part 3- For all the class this will be the first time they have done a use of english part 3 therefore we will spend some time talking about suffix rules and practicing with some warm up excercises on the following link

Short talk about gliding and adventure sports ( homework use of english part 3 is related to gliding)

Homework – Page 31- Gliding- Use of english part 3

Kahoot Game- Revision of phrasal verbs


Class 2

Homework revision- Page 31

Practice training on page 22-23 and completing page 24 in class together

Speaking exam practice- speaking part 2 and 3 practice. with images on board

Homework- Page 25- Reading part 1- Anna´s story/ Writing – Current affairs article