Class one:

Today we looked at part 3 of the reading and use of english exam (word formation). To start we completed exercises 1 and 2 on page 19, which focused on the use of prefixes. We then made our own exams in pairs, by removing word from CAE level texts and providing clue words. We then swapped and completed these exams.

Homework is the exam task on page 19.

Class two:

Today we began by checking the homework set last class, as well as some refresher tips for essay writing.

We then spoke about festivals in general, and their importance. The main task task today was the listening exam task on page 20. We looked at techniques for this part of the exam, and then completed the task. Finally, we spoke about report writing. After looking at the example on page 23, and looking at the structure, we completed exercise 1 and 2 on page 22.

Homework is to complete the exam task on page 22.