Class one:

Today we began by correcting the homework on page 15 and addressing any doubts. We then turned to page 20. In exercise one students tried to guess the meaning of italicised words and phrases from their context, before completing the listening task in exercise 2. We then looked at phrases and idioms containing body parts.

Homework: page 16 and 17, exercise 3. Page 18, exercise 2

Class two:

Today we will start by correcting the homework. However, the main focus on on essay writing. This type of writing is quite different to any other Cambridge essay task, so we will begin by examining the task and what exactly students must do. This begins with text evaluation, and identifying key notions in the passages. Following on from this we will examine paraphrasing and summarising ideas from the texts, before looking at how to express agreement or disagreement with the ideas presented. To finish we will look at useful phrases to include in the writing and the finer details of the structuring of the answer.

Should we have time at the end, we will watch a TEDtalk about stress management. If this is not possible, the link is below. It makes for an interesting watch and should help get you through the exam period!!


Writing task on page 22.