Class one:

Today we started by correcting the homework on pages 7, 10 and 11. The main focus today was on speaking part 2. We worked from a template that we can use in any exam for any questions (see below for PDF). We began by simply comparing two photographs, before looking at the language of speculation. Students practised this by piecing together a cut up photograph. To end class we put all the techniques together to complete a speaking part 2 exam task, speaking for one minute.

Homework: Page 9 exercises 9-10

FCE speaking guide

Class two:

Today we will begin by checking the homework set on Monday. Then to put some of the techniques and language we learned into practice, we’ll complete a part 1 exam task about a traditional festival held in the UK. After correcting, we will look at how to write an article for part 2 of the writing exam.

You have seen this advertisement on an English-speaking website.

ARTICLES WANTED – Festival fun near you

Tell us about a festival near you and why people go crazy for it!

  • Where does it happen?
  • What do participants have to do?
  • What should spectators expect?
  • Why would it be entertaining and fun?

We will publish the winning articles on our website next week. Write your article in 140-190 words