Hi everyone!

Last night in class we checked the homework from over the weekend (SB p. 42 & 43).  Then in class we did some speaking and a bit of reading.

We started out by continuing the speaking tasks on SB p. 78 & 79.  We worked on making comparisons between options when having a discussion, also giving our opinions about different options and how to maintain a conversation with your partner (by asking more questions, acting shocked, ect.).  We completed all the activities on the pages and will continue to work on speaking part 2 more this week on Wednesday.

At the end of class we had some time to take a look at a reading task on SB p. 12.  This deals with matching different texts so we took a look at the different options and said WHY those are the correct answers.

For homework I’d like you to please complete SB p. 13; activities 3 and 4.  We will work more with this sort of writing on Wednesday as well as in the future.

I’ll see you all Wednesday evening.