FCE Compact

In class one we are focusing on part 6 of the Reading and Use of English exam. Students will begin by solving a number of riddles using only the information in the video or text. This will then lead into the main task- examining a text from part 6 of the exam. We will look at various clues in the text that provide us with clues (pronouns, time references, linking words etc) and then students will work in pairs to find these clues. Students will then complete the gaps. To finish, we will watch a Tedtalk by surf photographer Chris Burkard.


Homework: Page 15 exam task

Class two:

Today we will begin class by watching the first 5 minutes of Supersize Me, a documentary about Mcdonalds and unhealthy eating. We will discuss the content of this video, and students will talk about their own lifestyle. Next, students will discuss in pairs how they think the problem can be resolved by completing a Speaking Part 3 exam task. This will incorporate language of agreement and negotiation. In the final 30 minutes of the class we will look at how to write an essay. This will include the structure, and some key phrases we can use. We will plan the essay together in class.

For homework, students will complete the essay.

How can we make young people fitter and healthier?


Write about:

  • physical exercise
  • food and drink
  • ……… (your own idea)

Write your answer in 190 words.