In class one we are focusing on part 6 of the Reading and Use of English exam. Students will begin by solving a number of riddles using only the information in the video or text. This will then lead into the main task- examining a text from part 6 of the exam on page 30. We will look at various clues in the text that provide us with clues (pronouns, time references, linking words etc) and then students will work in pairs to find these clues.

Homework: complete the exam task that we worked on in class.

In class two we will start by correcting the homework set in Tuesday’s class. Continuing on from last Thursday’s class (when we spoke about healthy living and food) we are going to speak about sport. We will begin with a class discussion about the sport we do and why we enjoy it. Then we’ll look at an example of speaking part 3, putting into practice phrases we can use to agree, disagree and ask for more information. This task is all about whether it is better to do sport inside or outside. We will then speak about one sport in particular- extreme rock climbing- before watching a video about it.

To finish we will complete the listening exercise on page 54.

Homework: Please complete the essay exam task on page 38.