Hi everyone!

Finished off the week by completing SB p. 23 and looking at the format of how to write a report for the exam.  We also took a look at SB p. 103 which has more information on report styles and what is expected of you when doing one.   Make sure you use these pages as references when doing your writing for homework please!

We also had some time to do some speaking on SB p. 24 activities 1 & 2 which focused on collocations and different types of relationships that we can have in our lives.  Make sure you study this vocabulary for the next class.

For homework over the weekend: please write an REPORT (220-260 words) based on the following topic

«you’ve been studying in an English-speaking country for some time as part of an exchange.  The director is interested in improving it for future students.  Write a report outlining the following:

  1. why you have been doing the exchange
  2. what you like and dislike about it
  3. make recommendations for how it could be improved»


I’ll see you all on Monday – have a great weekend!