Morning everyone!

In class we did a lot of speaking about vacations, holidays, and where we’d like to go.  We took a look over the homework that you had, and continued with a speaking game about the best holidays and where to go.

Then we focused on some listening tasks from SB p. 62 & 63.  We completed the entire page and did a multiple-choice part 2 listening task at the end of the page.

For homework, I’d like you to please write 2 short messages similar to the ones we saw on Monday.  The first one is the following

  1. You are going on a picnic at the weekend.  Write an (40 – 60 word)  invitation to your friend Peter inviting him to the picnic.

    In your invitation:

    • Tell Peter where the picnic is and at what time.
    • Tell him who is invited
    • Ask him what food he likes and if there is any food he cannot eat.


  2. You receive this email from your English pen friend:

    My favourite day of the week is Thursday. I usually play tennis on Thursday evening with my friends. I think tennis is the best sport in the world. My favourite TV programme is also on Thursday evening.

    What’s your favourite day? Why?

    Write soon!


    ***Write an email to your friend (40 – 60 words).