Hi everyone!

Today in class we took a look at some idioms with the verb «keep» from SB p. 28.  I also prepared a handout for you guys to work through the definitions, sentences and how to use them as well.  You can download it Idiomas_Keep.

Then we did some speaking activities with how happiness is defined in out lives from SB p. 29.  We will continue that topic this week Wednesday in class.

For homework please take a look at the first two questions on SB p. 32.  They refer to starting your own business, what are the benefits to working for yourself and the disadvantages.  Come to class with an oral explanation of your business plan for the future.  What type of company would you like to have, why, what are the good points and bad points about it, ect.  Be prepared to share it with the class as well!

See you all on Wednesday!  xx