Hi guys,

In class one we revised the perfect modals from last week (must/may/can’t have) before looking at how to express regret using should have, regret verb(ing) and past wishes. We watched a short segment of Spiderman and discussed what Peter should’ve done differently. Students then read stories about three famous people and discussed what regrets they may have had. To finish, we looked at key word sentence transformations. 

Homework: please complete page 74 exercises 1, 2 and 3.

In class two we revised the structures from last class and continued with the key word sentence transformations to practise must, may, could have, should have, regret doing, and wish. We then focused on listening part 1 on page 19. We will speak about each of the topics that come up in the exam task and cover the relevant vocabulary concerning school, films, school trips and friends.


Is it better to live in a city or the countryside?

Talk about:

  • Free time activities
  • Howeasy it is to travel to another place
  • Your own idea

Write your answer in 140-190 words.