Hi everyone!

Last night in class we took a look at some more vocabulary differences between -ed adjectives and -ing adjectives and how to use them in context (that was from the photocopy I handed out on Tuesday).  Then we took a look at SB p. 19 LISTENING and talked about how to do the exam task.  To finish class, we did a speaking part 3 (similar to what is on SB p. 18) prepared by me about «how to keep students and workers healthy in the workplace».

For homework please complete the following activities:

  • SB p. 22 activity 1 (match the responsibilities of people in showbusiness to the vocabulary above)
  • write a review for me talking about your favorite: book, tv series, or movie.  You have an example on SB p. 23 activity 3 & 4 for guidance.  Remember to answer the following questions that you see in the prompt from exercise 3.  It should be 5 paragraphs and 200 words.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Tuesday.  Xx