Hi guys, below is the plan for the coming week, but first, please see the following link for answers to the practice test:


In class one we will begin by checking the homework on page 28, which will lead into the first activity of the class. Students will compete in pairs to complete 9 sentences that are typical of part 4 of the use of english exam. We’ll then look at all the answers and discuss some of the more complicated grammar points. Following on from this we will complete the listening exam task on page 36. To finish class we will briefly revise the phrasal verbs that we studied last week.


  • Page 32/33 exam task + exercises 5 and 6
  • Page 35 exercises 1 and 2

Class two:

Today we will be looking at typical language that may come up primarily in part 2 of the use of english exam, but is also useful for the writing and speaking parts of the exam. Firstly we will check the homework on page 35, before looking at the vocabulary on page 37 exercise 1 and 38 exercise 1. We will put these phrases into practice by discussing in pairs a number of assertions. (See below)

Discussion Questions chapter 4

We will finish class by watching the following video about advertising, and discussing advertising in our life.


  • Exam task on page 38 (writing part 1 exam task- essay)
  • Exam task on page 35 (reading and use of english part 2)