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In class one we focused on part 4 of the reading and use of english exam. As a class we looked at three examples on the board, and how to complete this part of the test more effectively using a specific technique. Students then worked in a pair against another pair, to answer 9 exam-style questions. The first team to answer all 9 questions in a row won. To finish off we spoke more generally about two topics: Is downloading illegally really a crime, and should university education be free of charge?

Homework: Please complete page 28 exercise 1 and the exam task.

In class two we began by checking the homework on page 28. We then moved on to the listening task on page 36. We went through relevant vocabulary in exercise 1 before completing and checking the task. Students then practised speaking part 4 on page 37. We looked at the language of expressing opinion in exercise 1 of page 37, as well as how to agree and disagree using language from the following powerpoint:



You would like to start a monthly magazine in English to give financial advice to students at the college where you are studying. You have decided to send a proposal to the college asking for permission. Your proposal must include the following: why you want to start the magazine, what the first issue would include, and why this help would help manage their personal finance.

Write your proposal in 220-260 words