In class one we began by checking the homework on page 35. We then moved on to the listening task on page 36. We went through relevant vocabulary in exercise 1 before completing and checking the task. Students then practised speaking part 4 on page 37.


You would like to start a monthly magazine in English to give financial advice to students at the college where you are studying. You have decided to send a proposal to the college asking for permission. Your proposal must include the following: why you want to start the magazine, what the first issue would include, and why this help would help manage their personal finance.

Write your proposal in 220-260 words

In class two we looked at passive forms. We began by reviewing the typical uses of the passive and how to form it by completing a cryptic reading text. To consolidate we looked at some examples on page 34 and matched the use of the passive to its rule. In pairs students then completed exercise 2. Following on we looked at a powerpoint of places in the city we were might go for a particular service. Students guessed the location and the service completed there. This led to exercise 3, which focused on causatives (to have/get/want something done).

Homework: Please complete exercise 5 on page 34.

CAE speaking exam summer course edit