Today we will be looking at advertising and its effect on us. We began by watching the following video…

…and discussing what makes a great advert. We moved on to specific techniques used in advertising, and watched the video below discussing the various methods employed.

Then we completed a speaking part 3 task focusing on the ways companies may decide to advertise. To finish we looked at part 4 of the speaking exam, on the same topic.


Exam task on page 38 (writing part 1 exam task- essay)

In class two we looked at passive forms. We began by reviewing the typical uses of the passive and how to form it by completing a cryptic reading text. To consolidate we looked at some examples on page 34 and matched the use of the passive to its rule. In pairs students then completed exercise 2. Following on we looked at a powerpoint of places in the city we were might go for a particular service. Students guessed the location and the service completed there. This led to exercise 3, which focused on causatives (to have/get/want something done).

Homework: Please complete exercise 5 on page 34.

Passives and Causatives