In class one we looked at the topic of food, the consumption of food, and food waste and how to resolve the issue. We began by discussing our own attitudes to food, and examined the wastage on a daily and yearly basis. We then watched a short video about a French supermarket that attempted to combat this problem.

After discussing the efficacy of this solution, we looked at some phrasal verbs and idioms connected to food (idiom spot on page 36 of the book) connecting them to situations in the second activity of idiom spot. To finish, in pairs we looked at exercise 5 of page 37, which is related to speaking part 2 of the exam.

Homework: Page 14 of the students workbook (this was given out as a photocopy)

In class two we began by clearing up any major doubts with regards to the homework. We then looked at the advanced adjectives that describe food, on page 36, matching each adjective to a fruit or food it describes. For the main part of the class, we looked at how to write a film review. We discussed the structure and some useful language and looked at the example on page 38-39. the homework is to answer the question on page 38, in exercise 2.

A basic outline of this particular review is as follows:

Put a main title.

Paragraph 1: Introduction– Give a personal anecdote about your experience with films and introduce name of film with basic info (e.g. director and year of production, lead actors etc).

Paragraph 2: Synopsis– In paragraph two give a brief summary of the plot (no spoilers though!)

Paragraph 3: Describe special effects in this particular film and their impact on you.

Paragraph 4: Talk about special effects in general and their importance.

Final sentence (or two) should summarise your overall opinion regarding the specific film and special effects in general.

For extra vocabulary, please see the link below:

CPE review