Hi guys,

In class one we continued with the theme of films and cinema. Students began by revising part 2 of the speaking exam and how to structure an answer, practising in pairs. Then we looked at page 22 of the book, completing exercise 1 and the listening exam task. After this, we completed part 3 and 4 of the speaking exam from the following PDF

FCE Speaking Exam films

To finish class we played a Kahoot to practise some vocabulary related to cinema in general.

Homework: Please complete the reading exam task on page 26.

In class two we studied the passive voice. We began with a cryptic stories in which students substituted clue words with the passive structure. We then listened to exercise 1 on page 28 of the FCE Compact, and students copied down the passive sentences they heard. We looked at the rules in the book and went through how to use the passive in different tenses (in exercise 2). Students then quizzed each other, providing clues about different countries using the past and present passive voice. To finish, students worked in pairs to complete exercise 3 on page 69 of the book.

Homework: Please complete the following writing task.

You see this announcement in an international magazine.

Articles wanted

Lucky winners
What would you do if you won a large sume of money? What would you do with the money? How would your life change?
Write us an article answering these questions, and explain why you would do these things.
We will publish the best articles next month.

Write your article in 140-190 words in an appropriate style.