Welcome back guys!

This week we are starting a new topic about sport and a healthy lifestyle. Students will begin by discussing what it means to lead a healthy life, and how active they are. Students will then work in pairs to look at the exam task on page 31. They will only receive one answer of the four possible, and will have to decide whether theirs is correct or not. We will then hear all the answers and students will decide which of the four is correct and why. To finish we will play a Kahoot about sports vocabulary.

Homework: Please complete exercises 1 and 4 on page 30.

In the second class we will be focusing on part 3 of the reading exam. To start we will talk about our own eating habits, how to eat more healthily. Next students will predict language that will come up in an article about the fast food revolution, and look at word formation in pairs. Students will then complete the exam task on page 35 on their own, before comparing with their partner.

Homework: As the majority of students have not completed the homework that was set over Christmas, they will have this weekend to catch up.