Welcome back guys!

To start the first week we will be talking about New Year’s resolutions. We will look at the origins of resolutions and talk about the most common ones. Students will be able to share their own resolutions and how successful they were. We will also read an article about why so many people fail in their resolutions and discuss this point. We will combine this with exam practice for speaking part 2. To finish, we will answer speaking part 4 style questions using some of the more difficult language from the reading text.

In class two the overarching theme is science, but specifically we are looking at how to write a report for writing aprt 2. We will begin by discussing science education and watching the following TedTalk

We will also look at the structure of the report on page 106 of the course book, and appropriate language that can be used in a report (i.e. the passive voice on page 102-103)

Homework: Complete the following report question:

A prestigious university has been looking into new and engaging methods of teaching science to young people for its local community outreach programme. the director has asked you to conduct a survey and write a report. Your report should discuss how young people hwere you live feel about the current approaches to science education, and what prospects they have with regards to a future in science. You have also been asked to make recommendations about how current methods could be improved to improve both the education of science and students’ future prospects.

Write your report in 280-320 words in an appropriate style.

Please also complete the exam task on pages 100-101 and part 6 on page 103.