Hi guys,

The objective today is to complete the listening part 2 on page 56. However, students will actually make their own task based on the tape script. Students will work in pairs and formulate one question based on the section of speech they have been provided with. We will then create a ten-question exam task using all these questions, which students will then complete. Because the topic is meerkats, we will also watch the following video and brainstorm vocabulary that may come up in the exam task. This will help students make their questions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8JKXlTY70g&t=23s

In class two we are focusing on letter writing, which comes up in part 2 of the writing exam. Students will begin by roleplaying various situations in which a problem occurs, and they must try to resolve it. This leads onto the topic of giving advice. We will discuss what good or bad advice is, if students give good advice and who they go to for advice. We will do some more role plays that incorporate the language of giving advice. To finish, we will look at the structure of a letter and in class write the opening and closing of the letter. For homework, students must complete the middle paragraphs, giving advice to their friend.