Hi guys,

On Monday we are going to learn all about conditional sentences. We will revise the 0 and 1st conditionals primarily as some students have a school exam on this topic. However, we will also look at the second conditional and talk about what we would do in imaginary situations as well as the third conditional. We will complete exercises 1, 2 and 3 on page 41 of the book.

Homework: complete the exam task on page 41

On Wednesday we are going to look at phrasal verbs. We will start the class with a game of Scattergories, in which students have 3 phrasal verbs and must create three activities related to each phrasal verb. Following on we will then talk about success: what it is and how to become successful. This is in preparation for the exam task on page 40 of the book. We will also watch the following TedTalk about how to predict success.

Students will then complete the exam task. If we have time we will also play pasapalabra with phrasal verbs.

Homework: Article

You have seen this advertisement in an international magazine.


We want to hear about people who have inspired you. It could be a person you know, or perhaps a famous person. They could be from the past or present. Tell us about a person you admire: What did they do and why do they inspire you?

We will publish the most interesting articles next month.

Write your answer in 190 words in an appropriate style.