Hi guys,

In class one we changed the plan as we didn’t have enough students for the group presentations. Instead we looked at speaking parts 1 and 2 and got plenty of practise using comparative language. We finished the class by playing a description game to practise vocabulary.

Homework: Complete exercise 2 (page 65/66) exercise 3 adn 4 (page 66) the exam task on page 67 and page 68.

In class two we started by playing phrasal verb scattergories to practise various phrasal verbs that fce students should know. For the main part of the class students worked in pairs to create micro presentations. This was then followed by a short question and answer section.


All young people should study a foreign language as part of their education. Do you agree?



  1. Working life
  2. Travel and holidays
  3. ….. (your own idea) 

Write your answer in 190 words.