Hi guys,

In the first class we started off the class by looking at how to make our answers to part one of the speaking test more advanced. We then asked and answered the questions on page 53 in exercise 6. Moving on, students gave micro presentations. Working in pairs we selected topics for each other and gave a 2 minute presentation with a short question and answer session after.

Homework: Please complete the exam task on pages 48 and 49

In class two we began with role plays to revise the inverted conditionals that we learned about last week. We then discussed art and culture, and whether it is dying out in the technological age. This links in with the homework we checked previously. We then completed listening part 4 on page 52. To finish off the class students created their own speaking part 3 exam tasks and answered another group’s question.

Homework: please complete exercise 1 and the exam task on page 51.

Writing part 2: Review

You have seen the following announcement in your local arts magazine:

What has been the best performance of the year in your local area? It could be a concert or a stage play, or perhaps an art or craft exhibition. You can make your nomination by sending us a review of what you have seen, telling us why you think it was the most outstanding performance of the year.

Write your review for the magazine editor. (220-260 words)