Hi guys,

In class one we moved on to the topic of Saving the Planet. We began with some role plays to get those English neurones firing, before discussing food waste, and waste in general. We watched the following video about the history of waste in America and the solutions to the problem.

We then completed the listening task on page 110 and whilst checking answers went through relevant vocabulary from the tape script.

Homework: Please complete all activities on page 111, as well as the exam task on pages116 and 117.

In class two we are continuing with the theme of the environment, though today we will focus more on the conservation of animals. We will start by discussing endangered animals, and look at vocabulary related to this topic on page 114. We will then complete a speaking part 2 (collaborative task) regarding this topic. To prepare for the homework we will work in pairs to analyse the texts on page 115, and look at useful language to use in the essay.

Homework: Essay task on page 115 and exercise 7 on page 113.