Hi guys,

In class one we finished off chapter 5 in the book- education and work. We began by discussing our school experiences, and what changes we would make to improve the experiences of children in Spanish schools. We then moved on to careers and work, brainstorming all the possible jobs students could think of, as well as from the following video.

We then moved the discussion towards how Spanish schools prepare (or not) young people for a working life. After discussing dream jobs students completed a personality test to see if they were compatible with their chosen jobs.

Homework: Complete the exam task on page 38 and 39.

In class two we moved on to a new topic- the natural world. We began with a video from the animator Steve Cutts

Students noted down all the problems they could see with regards to how the environment is treated. We then spoke about these problems and put them into order of how serious they were, and how easily they could be solved. We watched a video about a ‘zero waste’ girl from the USA and then discussed her habits towards saving the planet. We discussed what changes we could make to our lifestyles to reduce waste.

To finish, we completed the listening exam task on page 47.


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