Hi guys,

In class one we started by checking the homework on page 38-39.

We then looked at exercise 1 on page 40. Students had to define the phrasal verbs that could be found in the exam task set for homework. We then played Scattergories with these phrasal verbs- Students came up with sentences or ideas related to each phrasal verb, but only original answers were awarded points. To finish class, we completed the exam task on page 40.

In class two we are focusing on the listening activity on page 43. We began by looking at synonyms of words or phrases in the questions, and matching the options in exercise to the exam task. In the second half of the class we prepared for the homework. Students discussed in pairs the advantages and disadvantages of going to school, and whether it would be better to learn at home. We categorised these ideas on the board, and then looked at the exam task below. We discussed each point and planned the essay together.

homework: complete the question below:

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