Hi guys,

In class one we were practising phrasal verbs. Students created sentences using a couple of phrasal verbs handed out in class, and taught their classmates. If you weren’t in class you can find the phrasal verbs on page 60- please complete exercise 1 for homework. Next we talked about how green we are and consumption and waste. We watched a video about how to become zero-waste. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYDQcBQUDpw

In class two…Love is in air!

To celebrate Valentines Day, we are getting all romantic and discussing all things love! We will begin by discussing dating in general and looking at typical first date questions before focusing on a very particular way of falling in love. There will be a video about this concept and discussion of its efficacy.

We will also play matchmakers in a speed-dating role play and rank the most important things for a strong and stable relationship.


Your class has attended a panel discussion on how people could  find the perfect partner. You have made the notes below.

Methods people could use to find the perfect partner.

  •  Find someone who makes you laugh
  •  Find someone you can talk to
  •  Make sure you have the same life goals

Some opinions expressed in the discussion

  1. ‘Some say that laughter is the best medicine, but it is also the best relationship glue.’
  2. ‘Communication is key to any relationship- being able to talk through problems is essential.’
  3. ‘If you want to go in different directions, the relationship will never stand the test of time.’