Hi guys

This week we are staying topical and looking at chapter 11 of the book- romance and relationships! We will start by discussing the novel approach to finding in love- 36 questions to fall in love.

(More info here: https://www.ted.com/talks/mandy_len_catron_falling_in_love_is_the_easy_part)

We will complete the listening exercise on page 92 and go through the idioms on page 93, before finishing with a ranking activity to order the most important things for a strong relationship.

Homework: complete exercise 2 on page 94.

In class two we will begin by checking the homework and looking at the gradability of adjectives on pages 94 and 95. We will also complete some activities from the workbook (photocopies will be given out in class) before finishing with the listening task on page 98.

Homework: Complete the writing task on page 96 and question 8 on page 95.