Hi guys,

This week we are talking about the environment. We began by watching a short video and discussing how green we are and completing a short quiz. Students then made their own speaking part 3 exam task about the environment and then completed their partners questions. To finish we completed the listening task on page 47.

Class two:

We are going to talk about article writing today. We will look at the structure and useful phrases to use in each part. To help with vocabulary we will also do a matching exercise about environmental problems. To finish we will play a word description game to practise fluency and vocabulary.


Articles wanted!

Do you have problems with the environment and pollution in your country?

Write and tell us about them, and say whether you think these problems can be solved. The best articles will be published on the website next month.

Write your article in 140-190 words.

Remember to:

  • give your article a title
  • begin with an interesting introduction
  • involve your reader with questions
  • use your own knowledge and experience
  • try to end it in an amusing or interesting way