Hi guys,

In class one we will be looking at clothes and fashion. We will talk about how important fashion is and what it means to us. We will complete the listening task on page 54 and then discuss fashion and politics.

Homework: Exam task page 58-59

In class two we are looking at how and when to use gerunds and infinitives. We will complete page 56 and look at likes and dislikes, and complete the speaking part 1 questions. We will look at more verbs followed by either the gerund or infinitive, and then play a game in which have to tell a story and convince the other team it is true.


You have received the following letter from your English-speaking friend.

………….Thanks for inviting me to stay with you when I visit your country next month. I’m not sure how to get to your apartment from the airport. Could you write back giving me some basic instructions? What would be the best method of transport for me? I’d prefer one that isn’t too expensive! Just one other thing – what will the weather be like when I get there? (Just so I’ll know what clothes to pack!) ………

Write your informal letter of reply to your friend (around 140-190 words).