On Monday we will continue with unit 5: Ocean life. We listen to the story: «A shipwreck»,aslo revise vocabulary and the expressions : Have got, haven’t got.

On Wednesday we will play games.

1st group will playcharades with the following words: crab, blue  whale. shark, turtle, jellyfish, octopus, platypus.

The questions they need to ask are:

  • Does it eat plants/ meat/ ?
  • Does it lay eggs?
  • Does it breath air?
  • Does it have babies?
  • Does it live alone?
  • Does it live in a group?

Then we will play hangman, and do national geographic kids quizzes.

2nd group we will revise animal body parts and creat a » super animal» that we need to present to the class.

We will play pictionary and silent king.

See you in class!