Hello everyone!

Last week on Thursday ( 21.03) we started a new unit, unit 4A:Eco-guilt page 34 and we discussed the questions from page 35 exercise e.

Homework: workbook: page 23 exercise 2 reading- Kids , teens, e-books.

On Tuesday (26.03) we will discuss grammar:future perfect and future continuous . We will start with exercie 2from page 35 and do the exercises from page 135/ grammar bank.

Homework: from the workbook: page 24 exercise 1 : Reading: The carbon crime of our century.

On Thursday( 28.03) we will have a listening class, we will listen to the news report from the workbook page 26 exercise 5, and pronunciation : page 26 exercise 4.

Homework: page 156/ vocabulary bank: Weather

See you in class!