Hi guys,

In class one we are moving onto to chapter 8 of the book. We will start with a general discussion about science in schools the students’ experiences. and students will complete a fact or fiction quiz. We’ll then look at page 62 and 63 of the book, and work on exam technique for part 7 of the exam. To finish off the class we will complete a listening part 4 task taken from the FCE trainer (page 160).

Homework: complete the exam practice handed out in class. (page 153 of the FCE trainer).

In class two we will focus on relative clauses and when/how to use them. We will look at some examples together on the board, before completing page 64 of the book. We will then complete a timed part 2 exam practice before a Kahoot to practise the grammar. To finish, students will complete an activity to further practise relative clauses, in which they make false definitions and try to trick the other pairs.

Homework: Today I will hand out exams to each student. This will either be an FCE schools, or PET schools exam.