Hi guys,

In class one we will start with a general discussion about science in schools the students’ experiences. Students will also complete a fact or fiction quiz. We’ll then look at pages 62 and 63 of the Compact FCE book, and work on exam technique for part 7 of the exam. To finish off the class we will complete a listening part 4 task on page 160.

Homework: complete the exam practice on page 153 of the FCE trainer.

Today we will continue with the theme of science. To start off we will do some exam practice for speaking parts 2 and 4. Next we will look at word formation, and how to identify changes in word forms depending on what we want to create (nouns/verbs etc). We will discuss what happens to the body in outer space (and watch this video https://ed.ted.com/featured/QS6sEKzz) before completing the exam task on page 129.

Homework: Students will be given an FCE schools full exam to complete at home.