Hi guys,

In class one we looked at the speaking exam. We started off with some part 2 practice in pairs, before moving onto the topic of stress. We watched a video about this, and then discussed solutions to reduce stress in a part 3 style exam task. We finished off looking at the part 4 questions on page 85.

Homework: Exam task on page 81

In class two we are looking at wishes and regrets. We will go through the grammar using a Prezi presentation, before students make their own role play situations and discuss the regrets each person in the role play would have. We will also complete exercise 2 on page 82. In today’s class we will have help from our language assistant, so students who have the exam this summer will get the chance to do a full speaking test.

Homework: exercises 1 and 3 of page 82, and exercises 1, 2 and 4 of page 83.