In class two we are looking at wishes and regrets. We will go through the grammar using a Prezi presentation, before students make their own role play situations and discuss the regrets each person in the role play would have. We will also complete exercise 2 on page 82. In today’s class we will have help from our language assistant, so students who have the exam this summer will get the chance to do a full speaking test.

Homework: exercises 1 and 3 of page 82, and exercises 1, 2 and 4 of page 83.

In class two we are focusing on listening part 4 (page 84). To begin we will look at adjectives of personality and what they mean, before working in pairs to rephrase the possible answers in the exam task. We will complete it and check the answers the task in class.

Homework: Practice exam papers will be handed out depending on the level of exam the student is taking.