Hi guys,

In class one we looked at the topic of stress. We discussed what causes stress, the effects of it on the body, and how to reduce the level of stress in our lives. Students completed a speaking part 2 practice, and we studied some tips to improve this part of the exam. This is an interesting video that highlights the effect stress has on our brains:

Homework is to complete the use of english part 3 exam task handed out in class.

In class two we are moving onto a new topic (chapter 17) which is all about happiness. So, we will begin class by discussing what we need to be happy, what is desirable but unnecessary. We will also look at some synonyms of the word happy on page 147. We will complete the listening task on page 144 and then discuss the meaning of the words in the idiom spot.

For homework I will give out a practice exam. Please also complete question 2 on page 146