Hi guys,

In class one we started out by looking at two examples of part 2 speaking. We then discussed technology and how we use it in our lives, before watching a couple of videos about mobile phones and robots in the workplace. We discussed if robots could become teachers or doctors, and completed a reading and use of english part 2 exam task about digital teachers.

Homework: please complete the photocopied part 2 exam task called «Exam Tips»

In class two we are looking at listening part 1 on page 69 and speaking parts 3 and 4 on page 68. We will start by discussing the questions and answers of the listening, and how to predict synonymous phrases that could come up in the exam. We will complete and check it in class. We’ll then look at speaking part 3 and the language of negotiation.

Homework: Please complete the full exam handed out. The exam might be FCE or PET depending on our objectives.