Hello everyone!

Last week we started the first unit and we learnt new vocabulary such as:

Bin, board, bookcase, cupboard, teacher, window, door, computer and plant.

This week we will revise some vocabulary from last year such as:

Pencil, school bag, pen ruler, rubber, pencil case, sharpener, book, crayon and glue.

Also we will learn new grammar structures and new prepositions: in, on, under, behind.

May I come in?
Toilet, please?
Good morning / Good bye  / Hello
What’s your name? My name is … / I’m …
How old are you? I’m…
Can I have a …?   Thank you
Where’s the pen? It’s in / on / under  / behind
I’ve got  / I haven’t got
Have you got a …? Yes, I have  / No, I haven’t
What’s your favourite…?

See you in class!