Hi guys,

In class one we looked at intelligence and how to measure it. We completed a short IQ test and discussed how (in)effective they are in measuring intelligence. We then looked at different types of thinkers on page 30. Students discussed in pairs what types of thinkers the famous people on page 31 were. We then finished by completing listening task 2 on page 32. For homework please complete the exam task on page 34/35.

In class two we looked at the passive voice on page 33. To begin we completed a logic puzzle focused on this grammar point, and then discussed when and why we use it. We referred to exercise 3 on page 33. Next, students were assigned a news report and wrote a short script with the passive to explain what happened.

For homework please complete the following task:

Your class has listened to a radio discussion on how more young people can be encouraged to study science. you have made the notes below:
Ways of encouraging young people to study science:

1.- Advertising

2.- School programs

3.- Government grants
Some opinions expressed in the discussion:

«You never see positive images of young scientists on TV, just pop stars or actors.»

«Science lessons should be practical and fun.»

«Schools need more money for better facilities and better teachers»

Write an essay discussing two of the points in your notes. You should explain which way would be more effective in encouraging young people to study science, providing reasons to support your opinion. You might, if you wish, make use the opinions expressed in the discussion, but you should use your own words as far as possible.

Your answer must be between 220-260 words.