Hi guys,

In class one we focused on word formation, which is part 3 of the use of English exam. In pairs, students created their own exam task based on two B2 level texts and answered their partner’s questions.

Homework: Please complete exercises 1 and 3 on page 33.

In class two we looked at the past perfect tenses. First we studied the past perfect and past simple, and then completed exercise 3 on page 36. We then looked at the past perfect continuous and completed exercise 5 on page 36. To finish we played a Kahoot to practise the tenses. https://create.kahoot.it/details/past-perfect-past-perfect-continuous/2b6bf414-04d4-408f-a16d-a01b339a7b5d

Homework: Please complete the story (exercise 1) on oage 39.