Hi guys, this week we talked about the benefits and risks of using technology in our everyday lives. We did a listening activity from the video, some word formation and Use of English part 3 (p. 111) and then finished with a great debate. For homework please remember to do your writing, the instructions are as follows below in case you have lost your paper copy. Looking forward to reading your essays on Tuesday!

Writing Paper Part 1. Task type: Essay – Technology


In your English class you have been talking about technological developments. Now your teacher has asked you to write an essay.

People have become overly-dependent on technology with the result that we are not as mentally challenged as we used to be. Do you agree?

Write about:

  1. Positive ways in which technology simplifies tasks that would otherwise be time-consuming.
  2. The extent to which technology stops us working things out for ourselves.
  3. ……………………….. (your own idea)

Write your essay for your teacher (around 140-190 words).